Top Best at-home hair color procedures with kool Aid

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Do you want to change your hair color? But don't want to stopover the salon and stay away from the harsh chemicals, then you should give a try to the home remedies. In this article, I will tell you the proper method on how to dye hair with kool Aid. This remedy is best because it saves the hairs from harsh chemicals, which normally damage your hairs. Here we shall talk about the tips, recommendations, ingredients, and suggestions.

Top Best at-home hair color procedures with kool Aid

Basic recommendations;

The main important thing is gloves because it is the best way to stay away from staining. If you put this acid on the hairs without gloves, then chances are there that it leaves stains on your skin, but the good thing is, it can be detached easily.

  • Wrap the towel around your neck or any other clean cloth piece to keep your clothes clean from the stains. Keep one thing in mind that Kool-Aid can leave stains on the fabric, so it is recommended to keep the old towel around you.
    Now it’s time to add the Kool-Aid Aid in any container but make sure that it is free from any sweetener so it won’t make the hairs sticky and irrigation for the eyes. You have to add the acid quantity according to the hair length. Have a look at the below-mentioned suggestions for suitable best at-home hair color VIA Kool-Aid.


  • In the case of getting the bright red color, then a Tropical punch is the best option. For the bright red color, the mixture of Black cherry and strawberry is best.
  • The purplish-red color would get with the mixture of strawberry and grape is best. One can also add the conditioner, hot water to get the right color from the Kool-Aid acid and make a proper paste for proper application.


  • Make the proper paste and the right quantity of Kool-Aid. For the perfect paste, you have to mix all of the ingredients properly and keep it free from bubbles.
  • It is important to wrap the hairs properly because people have to sleep in this condition. Wrap any towel or plastic bag on your hair to protect your pillows from the dye.
  • It’s time to remove the plastic wrap. Don't get frightened by the color tinge because it can be easily removed with the water.

Best temporary hair color;

  • Now rinse the hair with warm water. Stay away from the shampoo because it will rinse the color. After washing the hairs, comb them and blow dry them. The best at-home hair color would give the beautiful colored hair devoid of spending extra money on the temporary hair colors.
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