Top appealing French tip nails designs of 2021

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French nail art and tip designs are very popular nowadays and look stunning and elegant. There are unlimited options when it comes to French tip nail designs 2016 2017 that appeal to you. But how do you select the perfect one for you? Here are some simple French tip nail and French nail art ideas which you can try by yourself. Let’s get started.

Top appealing French tip nails designs of 2021

Sparking white French nail design;


Do you have any plans to visit your best friend's wedding? Then you should consider the option of the Sparkly White manicure? The French design is all about the square shape, and slightly long trimmed and colored nails with white nail polish along with the sparkly polish coat to gives your manicure an extremely alluring look.


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Metallic Soft nail design;


The Metallic nail designs French has been around, and you can easily achieve this look. You just need to have matte gray polish for the base code and silver sparkle color for the tips. So, you can carry it on the daily basis to make your hands decorative.


Simple Dark Gray with Pink Tips;


The dark gray and pink combination looks classic and best for routine parties, weddings, and beach days. It is the epitome of simple nail designs. You can give it a try to this design-at-home otherwise these pretty nail designs can be easily achieved at the salon.


Bows French tip nails designs;


If you get bored with the simple manicure design and you want something new, then why not consider the option of bow French tip nail design. This looks beautiful and appeals to your male partner. I visited a nail spa frequently for maintaining their French nails.


Twist Classic French nail design;


Are you looking for a simple French nail design for the square nails? Then I would recommend you to go for the Twist French nail design. It is very easy to get this look. Just take a nail art brush, and carefully outline the twist design with black nail color in the middle of the nail. This design won’t make your nails boring at times infect add a little spice into it.


Floral Nail Art;


Women are becoming addicted to Floral Nail Art because it looks funky, creative, and artistic. Show your creative flair by adding yellow, red, green, and orange colors to your Floral Nail Art. This style not only makes your nails beautiful but also reflects your innovative personality.


Blue Swirly French nail art ideas;


Are you slightly interested in the French manicure? Then you should give a try to the Blue Swirly French Tip because it will make your nails more beautiful and stunning. But you have to be careful about two things first the application of the French tip and the second you should choose the topcoat color carefully to your nails shinier and dazzle.


Coral French Tips;


Summery Coral French Tips looks fresh and add glamor to the French manicure. You can achieve this look cheaply by buying a French manicure kit but on the other hand, you can take the salon services.


Tips for clean and French Manicure;


Some people don’t know how to a French manicure. So, I think I should explain this method properly and which things you need for it. However, it is important to choose the nail designs French for great looking nails.


  • Warm water
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cuticle cream
  • Nail file
  • Nail polish
  • Cotton balls
  • Hand lotion
  • Wood stick
  • Cuticle cream
  • Towel or tissues
  • Nail trimmer


  • Firstly, remove your old nail polish with remover. It is very important for the perfect coat.


  • Next, decide your nail shape according to your choice and requirement. After that soak your hands in warm water for 5-10 minutes. Warm water will make your hands clean and also soften the cuticles.


  • It’s time to application of cuticle cream and then pushes the cuticles with the help of a wood stick.


  • Now, take some hand cream or lotion and massage your hands with it.


  • It’s the perfect time to apply the base coat and paint every nail tip with white color.


  • You can go for the second coat according to your required polish thickness.


  • Now, wait for some time to dry it.


  • Once it gets dries, apply a nude color polish on both hands nails. Again, you can go for the second coat according to your required polish thickness.

French nail art ideas;

  • There are unlimited French nail art ideas, but you have to choose the best and spread over your nail tip before the application of the topcoat. Topcoat is important because it will not only keep your manicure for a long time of period but also guard it. You can apply the topcoat every single day to keep your French manicure for a long time.


  • Assure to wait for 30 minutes to dry your nails completely.


  • If your nail length is short or medium, then French tip nails designs 2016 2017 is the best option for you. French manicure kits are the best option to get the French manicure otherwise you can go to a nail salon.


  • It is impossible to achieve the dynamic nail designs French without Nail art tools. Apart from the nail art, these tools are also used for the styling of your fingernail.


  • As I mentioned above, that French nail art ideas are unlimited, but you have to choose the simple, sweet, and stunning one to give an amazing look to your nails.




To conclude, if you want to give a versatile look to your nails, then a French tip nail designs 2016 2017 would be best for you. All you need is to choose the best nail designs French and French manicure kit to compliment your nails. The French manicure has been famous for many years, and it never goes out of fashion because of its simple and versatile appearance. For gift packaging, a Nail polish box is a glamorous way to present them.

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